Membership Fees

Membership Fees had been modified due to COVID but have now been updated.


From 1 November 2021 Membership Fees will be £15 per month.Your Membership Fees are used to pay the annual membership fees to Scout Headquarters, to the County and to the District, all of which supply support to leaders, training, insurance while on Scout activities and much else.  Membership Fees also cover the cost of running the Group HQ, paying for all running costs e.g. heating and lighting, repairs to the building and supplying and repairing/replacing equipment when necessary. It also pays for materials used at section meetings.

We are a non- profit charity organisation.

If your child misses a week, they still need to cover the fee for that week.

When a child does not attend, we still incur the Scout Membership fee and some meetings cost more to run than others. We also often buy materials for a child and then they are unable to attend. If it is known your child is going to miss a meeting, wherever possible, please can you let the leadership know.
Where we use a different venue such as Matley/Herlington, we have a considerable rent to pay.

For camps, please can we also ask that fees are paid on schedule, as we have ensure we have the right balances to pay for food, campsite fees, equipment etc

However, we do recognise that for some families, for camps it can be an expensive affair. If there is an issue, we don’t want to exclude children on the grounds of affordability and we are sometimes able to obtain funds to help from our District/County funds.

It also helps the group if each and every member has their ‘subs’ paid using Gift Aid.


In addition to the monthly/weekly memberhip fee there is also a one-off joining fee of £10 payable at Beavers, Cubs or Scouts. Once you have paid the Joining Fee you do not need to pay it again when moving from Beavers to Cubs or from Cubs to Scouts.

To benefit from Gift Aid you need to be a UK tax payer, but apart from that you need do nothing and it COSTS YOU NOTHING! If your child’s subs are Gift Aided the Group can claim the tax paid by you.

A copy of the Gift Aid Form can be downloaded HERE.