2nd Nene Group Council was pleased to announce the launch of it’s new website in August 2010.

This website is intended to;

  • Provide information about Scouting in the Ortons of Peterborough
  • Provide information for members and supporters of Scouting of the 2nd Nene Group.
  • Promote Scouting

Like all websites it is an evolving project so occasionally we get things wrong, or they don’t work properly.
If you find something wrong or broken please us the CONTACT US link, above, and we’ll investigate and fix.


FIREFOX , IE9, Safari, Edge  and CHROME  all work with this website.
If you experience any problems please let us know by clicking HERE.

Know faults will be listed here. They will be removed from the list once the fault has been corrected.

  • NONE KNOWN – If you find a fault please contact us using the contact link in the header and let us known.