Cookie Policy

On 25th May 2012, the UK passed the EU Cookie Directive relating to cookies stored by web sites.

Within this directive, web sites which use cookies must ask the user’s explicit consent to store a cookie during a visit to a web site.

For our internal purposes, we gather date, time, browser type, navigation history and IP address of visitors to our site. This information does not contain anything that can identify users personally.

We use this information for our internal security audit log, trend analysis and system administration, and to gather broad demographic information about our user base for aggregate use.

More information about cookies

There are several types of “cookie” used on web sites as detailed below:

1st Party Cookies: These are small text files used when visiting a web site to enable the site to function correctly, for instance to store your order reference on an ecommerce site so that your shopping basket can be retrieved, or to store your user ID during a visit to a site. These cookies are not available to other sites and cannot be used to trace your activity online beyond the scope of the site which issued the cookie.

3rd Party Cookies: These cookies are small text files stored on your computer as above, but are placed by, for example, advertisements on a web site you visit. These cookies can then be passed to other sites to allow targeted advertising based on your browsing habits

Session Cookies: These cookies are stored in the memory of your browser, and are normally used in the same way as 1st Party cookies, i.e. to track your use of the site which created the cookie. These cookies cannot be used by other web sites, and are deleted from memory when you leave the site or close your browser.

Clarification of the EU Cookies Directive from the Information Commissioner’s Office

Following an update to web managers over the past couple of days due to much confusion about the implementation of the guidelines, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has now released the following information about what does and doesn’t require explicit user consent to store cookies.

Strictly necessary cookies – those that ensure you can do things like checkout on a web shop. No user consent is required for these “category one” cookies.

Performance cookies – these are cookies that help website owners manage their website. 

Functional cookies – these are the type of cookies that enable websites to remember a user’s choice, etc. Again these cookies not need to provide user opt-in.

Targeting/Advertising cookies – these are the cookies that track you after you’ve left a website and enable targeted advertising. It is these cookies that the EU directive is aimed at. If a website uses these types of cookies, then it will have to provide users with an opt in. This website does not use this type of cookie.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the use of cookies on this website, please email