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We’ve tried to avoid using attachments requiring specific bits of software to open them, but just in case you can’t we’ve added a list of official “viewers” to this page. Downloading the software is solely at your own risk and we are not responsible if you get a virus or have computer problems as a result of downloading the viewers.

Opening PDF documents

The majority of new computers now come with Adobe Reader (sometimes called Adobe Acrobat) installed, if not don’t worry its free. If you’ve had Adobe Reader on your computer for a while (anything pre version 9.x) it is worth installing an update.

Adobe Reader


Viewing Word or Excel files

Microsoft Office is commonly found on most computers now, but some computers may have Microsoft Works, Corel or Lotus installed. The viewers let you view, copy or print a document but you can’t edit it without buying the full programme.

Microsoft Word Viewer

Microsoft Excel Viewer

Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer


The site uses embedded videos from the official Scout Association or WOSM You Tube channels. If the videos don’t work, it is worth checking;

  1. You Tube is not blocked on your system. Some companies routinely block You Tube.
  2. Flash Player is installed and up to date – Get Flash Player here

The videos may not work on dial up or slower broadband connections.