Membership Fees

Membership Fees are £3.00 per week.


The Group Executive have decided to increase Membership Fees to £3.00/week  from Monday 29th October 2007.

They had been £2.50 since November 2002 and costs have increased significantly.

Therefore Membership Fees (‘Subs’) will be increased by 50p to £3.00 per week from the week beginning Monday 29th October 2007.

Your Membership Fees are used to pay the annual membership fees to Scout Headquarters, to the County and to the District, all of which supply support to leaders, training, insurance while on Scout activities and much else. These are over £28.00 for each and every member including all leaders/helpers and the officers of the group. Membership Fees also cover the cost of running the Group HQ, paying for all running costs e.g. heating and lighting, repairs to the building and supplying and repairing/replacing equipment when necessary. It also pays for materials used at section meetings. I’m sure you will agree that it has to go a long way.

A discount is given if the Membership Fees are paid at the start of each Term.

Remember Membership Fees are due each week even if you do not attend.

It also helps the group if each and every member has their ‘subs’ paid using Gift Aid.

To benefit from Gift Aid you need to be a UK tax payer, but apart from that you need do nothing and it COSTS YOU NOTHING! If your child’s subs are Gift Aided the Group can claim the tax paid by you on that amount from the Government so for every £ you pay we can claim another 28p, this is quite a substantial amount if all members sign the form and join in. If you think you may have filled in a form already, but are not sure, please fill it in anyway and our Treasurer will sort it out. We will not claim it twice I assure you.

A copy of the Gift Aid Form can be downloaded HERE.